Appendix 6

Grant of Sick Leave and Special Tuberculosis Leave to Teaching Staff

1. Sick Leave

(a) The Director may approve paid sick leave for every teacher, workshop teacher and laboratory technician in an aided school.

(b) Each member of staff so entitled may be given on appointment up to 28 days sick leave, and on completion of each succeeding year of service a further 48 days. The maximum balance which may be accumulated shall be 168 days.

(c) A school shall keep sick leave records for every teacher, workshop teacher and laboratory technician. As sick leave is taken, this will be noted in the records and deducted from the staff member's balance.

(d) The Director may, once the balance of sick leave has been exhausted by a staff member, approve additional sick leave without pay.

2. Special Tuberculosis Leave

(a) Members of staff entitled to sick leave under the terms of paragraph 1 who are suffering from tuberculosis may be granted special paid sick leave on the following terms : -

Service under all these provisions means service deemed to be continuous by the Director.

(b) The Director shall have the power to extend these periods of sick leave in cases which have his special approval.

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