Appendix 17

Procedure to be followed in case of Dismissal or Termination of Appointment of a Teacher

The procedure to be followed by the Management Committee of a school should be as follows :

(a) The teacher concerned should be given a warning, or warnings that his work is unsatisfactory. This should be recorded in the school files.

(b) If no improvement in the teacher's work is noticeable after an appropriate period then a formal written warning embodying relevant criticisms should be given to the teacher, and a copy of this letter should be forwarded to the Director for information. This should be recorded in the school files.

(c) On receipt of this letter the Director shall investigate the circumstances.

(d) If the teacher after receiving the warning letter still shows no improvement after an appropriate period, normally not less than one month, and the Management Committee intends to dismiss him or not to renew his contract after the date of expiry, the Supervisor shall so inform the Director.

(e) In each case of dismissal of a teacher, a sufficient period of notice of termination of employment must be given in accordance with Section 56.

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