Appendix 1

Administrative Guide

First Aid

1. In every school there shall be a first-aid box the contents of which shall be periodically checked, and replaced when necessary. The first-aid box should contain treatment materials including antiseptics, disposable plastic/vinyl gloves, forceps, sterilized dressings and bandages. In schools where there are science laboratories and workshops, first-aid boxes should also contain materials for giving immediate treatment to burns, scalds, acid/alkali burns, shocks and other injuries. Pupils should not be allowed to perform dangerous practical experiments and all reasonable precautions should be taken to guard against accidents. Dangerous poisons should be kept in a locked cupboard.

2. At least two members of the staff of every school shall be trained in giving first-aid treatment.

Fire Precautions

3. All schools, as required by the Director of Fire Services, shall be equipped with fire extinguishers kept in easily accessible places and minor staff shall be trained in the use of the extinguishers which should be properly maintained and recharged annually. Laboratories shall in addition be supplied with buckets of sand and water.

4. Fire drills, when all pupils must leave the school building and the roll be called, shall be held once a month, or otherwise as advised by the Director of Fire Services and shall be noted in the school log book or in the appropriate school record book.

5. The responsibility for sounding a fire alarm in a school should not be delegated to one individual. It should be the duty of any person discovering or suspecting an outbreak of fire to give the alarm.

6. Where a school has more than one fire alarm bell, arrangements should be made to ensure that when an alarm is sounded on one, it is immediately relayed to all other alarm bells.

7. Fire alarms and drills shall always include clerical, kitchen and maintenance staff, as well as teachers and pupils.

8. No cooking or naked light is allowed on the school premises, except in specifically designed and constructed kitchens approved by the Director of Fire Services. Inventories and Stock-books

29. School Principals shall keep Inventories of all permanent furniture and equipment giving date of acquisition and date and reason of any writing off. Separate Inventories shall be kept for furniture, Gymnastic Equipment, etc. The Library Catalogue shall be kept in such form as to serve as an Inventory for Books.


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