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hklta_news 2009/07/15

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課程編號 : E3B011
上課地點 : 市區分校卅大埔校園
課程總主任 : 梁志鏘博士
課程統籌主任 : 梁寶華博士

電話:(852) 2948 8035

電話 : (852) 2948 6886   
傳真 : (852) 2948 6162   
電郵 :   
網址 :   
親臨 : 香港新界大埔露屏路10號香港教育學院行政大樓A-G/F-08室諮詢中心

Programme Aims
This programme aims to assist graduates of the Certificate in Secondary Education (CE(S)) and other relevant certificate courses (including the In-service Course of Training for Teachers in Secondary Schools, In-service Course of Teacher Training (Technical) and Teacher's Certificate) in upgrading their qualifications to degree level. On completion of the programme, graduates will attain academic excellence and professional competence, with a solid command of subject knowledge and skills in their chosen disciplines, and a sound understanding of the relationship between theory and practice.

Programme Structure
This is a 3-year mixed mode in-service programme consisting of 60 credit points (cps). It comprises 6 part-time semesters and 2 full-time summer blocks. The programme is structured around 4 domains as follows: Academic Studies(39 cps)   Professional Studies(9 cps)   Project (6 cps)   Field Experience(6 cps)

Academic Studies
This domain includes major discipline-based studies and major methods/pedagogy. The discipline-based studies emphasise developing theoretical knowledge in partnership with practical skills so that the competence is comparable to other types of specialist degree programmes. The major methods/pedagogy aim exclusively to develop participants' knowledge and competence for teaching the major subjects in secondary schools. The subjects are:

Field Experience
This domain offers participants opportunities to further develop their teaching competence and encourage them to become lifelong learners. To observe and discuss the practical teaching in their unique context, participants will be visited once in Year 2 and twice in Year 3 by Institute supervisors.

Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction is mainly Chinese. English is adopted as the language of instruction for relevant lectures and/or modules, as appropriate. Participants are also expected to be able to read educational literature and acquire a command of their subject-specific terminology in both languages.
In each year, for each of the non-language majors, a minimum of one core module in the Academic Studies is to be offered exclusively in English as the Medium of Instruction (EMI), such that participants will in effect be taking at least one 3-cp EMI module in their Academic Studies each year. In addition, participants may also opt for other EMI modules available in the Professional Studies and/or the Project.

Entrance Requirements
For applicants of Science and Technology Major
To be eligible for admission, applicants should normally have:
taken the Science elective in their Certificate in Education, Certificate of the In-service Course of Training for Teachers, or Teacher's Certificate programmes; or
obtained a recognised Higher Certificate/Diploma/Higher Diploma in Laboratory Science or equivalent plus at least three years' working experience as a laboratory technician in a secondary school or post-secondary institute. Prior to their admissions, the laboratory technicians should have obtained consent from their school principals to confirm that they are permitted to carry out teaching practice in the schools where they are serving during the programme years.

For applicants of other Majors
The programme is open to serving teachers in secondary schools holding a Certificate in Secondary Education (CE(S)) or equivalent. Applicants possessing the above qualifications but without a teaching post can also apply. To be eligible for admission to a major subject, applicants must have studied the subject (or related modules) in their certificate programmes.

Field Experience Requirements
For laboratory technician applicants of Science and Technology Major
Participants are required to make arrangements with their serving schools to have a minimum of 5 weeks of teaching of the relevant subject in Year 2 comprising at least 30 lessons; and 9 weeks of teaching in Year 3 comprising at least 54 lessons. In addition, a total of 5 school visits will be paid by Institute supervisors during the teaching practice periods.

For other applicants
Participants are required to make arrangements with their serving schools to have a minimum of 6-10 teaching periods per week/cycle for the chosen Major Subject Studies during the period of study in the programme.
Participants without a relevant teaching post are required to make themselves available for the Field Experience during the block teaching practice period in Year 2 and Year 3 (normally 8 weeks in each year). The Institute will provide assistance to participants in the arrangement of the Field Experience when necessary.


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