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Freezing the Provision of LTs until 2012

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In the "NSS Understanding and Interpreting the Curricula in Science Education KLA" held on 2007/09/25, Mr. YT Lau (Chief Curriculum Development Office (Science)) says that: There are three options to review the LT manning scale in NSS, they are:

1. Keeping the existing scale
(base on actual curriculum need & workload, unstable in manpower provision)

2. New Scale based on number of Class
(simple calculation, less affected by changes in curriculum, stable staff establishment.  Need for more flexible deployment of LT's duties, change in class structure in transitional years.)

3. Freezing the Provision until 2012
(provide a stable staffing for smooth transition to NSS. Schools with student decline?)

They (Science Section) have proposed the 3rd way to EDB authority for consideration.  There will be a final decision by the end of 2007.


Mr.Lau has not mentioned the details of their proposal, when will be the date of frozen? Before or after reduction of existing LT manpower? Are there any additional conditions & restrictions? Are there any hidden agenda?  How about the LTs in schools with student decline?  How is the change of our role & duties?

Let's continue to share your views on this issue, join together and fight for our rights!


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懇請各會員繼續發表你的寶貴意見,來函 請註明會員姓名及編號,個人資料將會保密處理(不具名的來函,請恕未能處理)。會員的意見將會放到檢討實驗室技術員職系專區(去除所有個人資料及可辦別身份的字詞),以便會員參考。執委會將意見綜合整理後將以會員意見為依歸,盡力向教統局反映。






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